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Energy Assessment Center
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Welcome to our website

Domestic Energy.Eu Ltd is a leading energy assessment centre with a team of property professionals, Offering Energy
performance Certificates for domestic and commercial properties.

Government legislation now requires all residential properties; being sold, built or rented, to make available an energy performance certificate to prospective purchasers or tenants.
This will enable people to make more informed decisions relating to the energy efficiency of a property and the ongoing costs of fuel.

Domestic Energy have been offering government approved EPCs since 2007. Our national team of qualified; fully accredited and insured assessors have been trained to National Occupational Standards and offer the very best service.

Domestic Energy was the first EPC company to be able to guarantee same / next day delivery thanks to our team of professional assessors.

Our long list of clients include Winkworth, Chesterton Humberts, Haart, Dexters, and many other high street well known agents.

Assessments are fast and unobtrusive, for an average sized property would take around 30 minutes. The Certificates are usually issued the same day as inspection.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) are the Government’s chosen way of complying with the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD). Its purpose is to record how energy efficient a property is. The certificate will provide a rating of the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of a building from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is very inefficient.

EPCs are produced using standard methods with standard assumptions about energy usage so that the energy efficiency of one building can easily be compared with another building of the same type. This allows prospective buyers, tenants, owners, occupiers and purchasers to see information on the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions from their building so they can consider energy efficiency and fuel costs as part of their investment.

An EPC is always accompanied by a recommendation report that lists cost effective and other measures (such as low and zero carbon generating systems) to improve the energy rating of the building. The certificate is also accompanied by information about the rating that could be achieved if all the recommendations were implemented.

Who is responsible for obtaining an EPC?

This rests with the ‘relevant person’ who is defined as:-

Where the building is to be sold:-
- The Seller

Where the building is to be rented out:-
- The Landlord

Where the building is being constructed:-
- The Person responsible for the building work