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Landlords have a duty of care to protect tenant health and safety and the risk of exposing tenants, residents and visitors to Legionella must be properly assessed 

and controlled.

Due to changes to the Approved Code of Practice, which explains how to comply with the law in this area, it is required that all rental properties must have had a Legionella Risk Assessment.

Our fully trained assessor will attend your rental property and inspect your water system to ensure it is safe. 

The assessor will complete a full and thorough inspection and provide the landlord with a report of the systems condition. 

In the majority of cases there is no further action required and the landlord has fulfilled their obligations. If the water system is assessed as compliant then the system need not be checked again for 2 years. 

Should any non-compliance be assessed or the water test provides a positive result, we will provide guidance and recommendations to ensure the system is quickly improved to an acceptable and compliant condition.

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