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What is a Commercial EPC
and when do I need get one?

Since 2008, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive has made it UK law for all commercial buildings, when constructed, rented out or sold to have an EPC certificate. These certificates provide information to prospective buyers and tenants on the energy efficiency of the building. The reports feature a simplified chart which shows the energy performance of the building. This makes it easy to compare the performance of two similar buildings.

Band A properties will cost you less to run per square meter than say a Band F. You might ask yourself, 'what about the numerical score also featured on the chart?'

The number given allows you to ‘benchmark’ the property against other similar sized buildings. A commercial EPC has two types: ‘If Newly Built’ and ‘Typical Of The Existing Stock’. When an Assessor inputs the data of the building, the calculation software builds a report and compares the building to: as if built today to the latest Building Regulations (Part L).

What about the Recommendation Report?
All EPCs come with a recommendation report which gives the property owner or potential buyer/tenant a general suggestions as to how you can improve the buildings energy rating. You do not need to act on the recommendations as we are not environmental policemen but the EPC report does offer words of wisdom in cutting your energy bills.

Is a Commercial EPC the same as a Domestic EPC and why is the a Commercial EPC more expensive?
A Commercial EPC takes a lot more factors into consideration and hence makes the report more complex to produce. A domestic property is used solely as a home whereas a commercial property can have multiple uses and range from anything from an hotel, to a office to a factory etc. Within these categories, the property can have different sections of the building that can be used for different purposes. A detailed report is required to accurately gain the information required to estimate the energy performance of a building.

Who do we supply EPC certificates to?
We supply Landlords, Estate & Letting agents, Councils & Housing Associations.